Félagsfærni, Læsi, Sjálfsefling

Right Runner – Tölvuleikur – UNICEF

Ókeypis tölvuleikur á ensku þar sem börn læra um réttindi sín og Barnasáttmálann.

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Tenging við menntastefnu Félagsfærni, Læsi, Sjálfsefling
Gerð efnis Kveikjur, Verkefni
Markhópur 6-12 ára.
Viðfangsefni Andleg og félagsleg vellíðan, Barnasáttmálinn, Barnamenning, Jafnrétti, Lýðræði, Læsi og samskipti, Mannréttindi, Samskipti, Samvinna, Sjálfsmynd, Styrkleikar, Fjarnám, Enska
  • Lýsing á leiknum á ensku

    With UNICEF’s Right Runner you will join a new generation of inspiring young people that are claiming their rights and leading the way to the world they deserve. A world within reach.

    In order to claim and defend your rights you will need to avoid treacherous and often familiar obstacles. But you are not alone! There are friends on route ready to join the fight! You just need to find them. Grab their attention by collecting as many megaphones as possible to spread the word.

    UNICEF’s Right Runner is a free game with no ads or in-app purchases. Download once, play forever. If you like it, share a comment and rate us. Your positive comments and ratings will help us to develop new levels and new adventures in the coming months.

    Every kid in the world has rights no matter where they live, or who they are! These rights are defined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Knowing your rights is the first step.

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